Sylhet District

Map of Sylhet District.
Upazilas & Thanas:

Sylhet District (Sylhet division) with an area of 3490.40 sq km, is bounded by the Khasia-Jainta hills of India on the north, maulvi bazar district on the south, Kachhar and Karimganj districts of India on the east, sunamganj and habiganj districts on the west. Annual maximum temperature is 33.2°C and minimum is 13.6°C; annual rainfall 3334 mm. Main river is surma and kushiyara. haors 82; Shingua Beel (12.65 sq km) and Chatla Beel (11.86 sq km) are notable; reserve forest 236.42 sq km. Parts of Khasia and Jainta hills are included in this district. Notable tilas and hills are Jaintapur (54 m), Sary Tila (92 m), Lalkhan Tila (135 m), Dhaka Daksmin Tila series (77.7 m).
Map of Sylhet District. Collected from The Bangladesh Network.