Bhola District

Map of Bhola District.
Upazilas & Thanas:

Bhola District (Barisal division) an offshore island with an area of 3403.48 sq km, is bounded by lakshmipur and barisal districts on the north, bay of bengal on the south, Lakshmipur and noakhali districts, meghna (lower) river and Shahbazpur Channel on the east, patuakhali district and tentulia river on the west. Zahiruddin, Patila, Dhalchar, Kukri-Mukri and such other chars of different sizes have formed at the river mouths. Annual average temperature highest 32.7°C and lowest 11.6°C. Annual rainfall 2360 mm (1997).
Map of Bhola District. Collected from The Bangladesh Network.